Friday, October 27, 2006


To celebrate my camera’s return to good health, and to assuage (or perhaps provoke) my roommate’s homesickness I took some pictures of the fall colours in Parc Lafontaine late this afternoon. I wasn’t alone – I spotted seven other people snapping away, no doubt as glad as I was to finally have some sunshine. Some have already made it up on my neglected flickr account, and I think when I've got more money next semester I'm going to upgrade to their Pro account, if for no other reason than to be able to endlessly categorize my photos (how I do love to organize). I felt a wee bit embarrassed taking these shots; growing up my family used to dread fall as our road would be overrun with slow drivers taking in the (admittedly breathtaking) escarpment scenery, and relatives would make weekend trips to sit bundled up on the back porch and marvel at the display. And today I became one of them. Sidenote: my hometown was mentioned on the Colbert Report last week – you can check it out here. Playing in the sunshine all day (shopping for the first of many birthday presents, as I seem to make friends almost exclusively with Scorpios) means that tonight I need to sit down and write something other than this. Thankfully the coffeemaker has a ‘strong’ setting. Coming soon: illustrated tales of tomorrow night’s inevitably fantastic Halloween party.


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