Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I DO learn something new every day.

Things I've discovered today:
1. How awful orange juice tastes after you’ve brushed your teeth. This one’s actually a re-discovery, since I've started dosing myself with juice to stave off the inevitable fall cold that I can feel lurking in my glands. The body is its own best barometer – I can always feel in my knees when it’s going to rain, thanks to a high school sports injury. If you connect the dots of acne they point to my period, although this one’s kind of misleading, since they also gang up on me as a warning that my parents are imminent, but then it’s easy to confuse cramps with a gut reaction to mothering. Hopefully it's my period and not my mother that shows up tomorrow.

2. The Weather Network has a “fall colour report,” a guide to how the leaves are changing across the country. So you can best plan your slow Sunday drive, I guess. Yet one more reason to have the site bookmarked.

3. I have no idea how one goes about starting to write a dissertation. Staring into the face of this huge project, I’m realizing that distilling it down into a 50-page proposal wasn’t as helpful as it would seem, rather it actually makes the project feel more intimidating. A related re-discovery: I still need a basic pen and paper to brainstorm. There’s something about the tactile quality and the movement of thoughts and hand that stimulates my brain, like being able to draw arrows between things. I also like having a record of ideas that on the first round of thinking seemed useless but can trigger bigger, better thoughts further into the process. I’ve become more adept at writing on the computer, it creates a tighter finished draft, but I still need labyrinthine handwritten notes to get me to that point.

4. I've grown accustomed to and generally miss having a roommate (who's globe-trotting off to Spain to visit the original roommate until the first week of November). I like hollering questions down the hall, or ignoring the phone and knowing that it’ll get answered anyway. And yes, I admit it, being a lazy suck and having coffee refills delivered by hand to my office door.

I’d also like to say that I'm enamoured of Kraft’s peanut butter-chocolate spread. I'm testing a theory that it, rather than time, heals all wounds. Scientific method being adjusted at whim, of course.


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